Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frame Purse Tutorial Part II

Frame Purse Tutorial (Part II)


Samantha Sheppard*

1. Sewing the Purse


(a) Now, you will sew everything together. Place the right side of the outside fabric together and put the sew-in interfacing on the outsides. Sew the bag together starting at one of the hinge markings and finishing at the other hinge marking. Next, take the corner of your bag and flattenit. This will form a triangle. Make a measurement from the tip of the triangle. The length of this measurement will depend on how wide you want the bottom of you bag to be. Mark this measurement and sew along the marked line and trim seam. Do this on this other side of the bag. Sew the lining of the bag using these same methods. However, leave a large opening in the bottom of the lining. The opening will be used to pull the outside of the bag through once the outside and the lining are sewn together.

(b) Place the outside of the bag inside the lining so that the right sides of both bags are facing each other. Sew the outside of the purse to the lining at the top on each side. Then pull the outside of the purse right side out through the little opening that you left in the bottom of the lining. Then sew up the opening in the lining.

(c) Tuck the lining into the bag and iron as needed.

2. Gluing the Frame to the Purse

(a) This part can be a bit tricky. You want to use enough glue so that the frame will stay in place, but you don’t want to use so much that it squeezes out of the frame and gets all over your fabric (and you can’t get it off).

(b) Start by filling one side of the frame with a continuous line of glue. Then, starting with the edges, place the purse into the frame. You will want to use something like scissors or a letter opener to gently push the purse into the frame. Let the glue dry for at least 30 minutes before attempting to repeat this step on the other side of the purse.

(c) Wait another 30 minutes and clean up any glue that got on your frame by gently scratching it with something (my finger nails work great).

(d) Let the purse dry overnight before using it.

Now you are done. Enjoy your purse!

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